We know food

We know food

We know food

Food manufacturing is the largest industrial sector in the British economy. It is worth around £96 billion per annum – more than both the automotive and aerospace industries combined- and it accounts for 18% of all UK manufacturing.

Ethero has background knowledge of the industry and plays a vital role in supporting this key sector. We specialise in the recruitment of permanent staff across a wide range of food manufacturing sectors.

Ethero’s staff have a detailed technical knowledge of the requirements of the industry and a wide network of candidates and clients across the UK. Our team works with small start-up businesses and multi-national operations, applying the same dedicated and meticulous service to all.

We have an understanding of manufacturing processes, the challenges and requirements needed to work with a wide range of food sectors including; ambient, chilled, frozen, meat and poultry, seafood, bakeries, confectionary, dairy and beverage products.

We are focused in building strong client relationships and aim to be an extension of your business. Understanding your business needs and future plans means that only professionals with specialist experience, niche skills, career aspirations and personality fit are only ever introduced to you.

Our service covers a wide range of sectors and roles, including;

-Operations’ Management

-Production management


-Technical/ Quality and Hygiene

-Product Development


-Health and Safety



-Supply Chain

Within our network we has access to interim managers- ethero can help. Even at short notice, should your business requires additional support for a fixed period?

Due to the specialism of the food industry and confidentiality surrounding client and candidate future plans, we offer a search and selection service. Through our industry knowledge, research and networking we can directly approach talent to enhance your business.

We look forward to hearing from you and showing our expertise in action. All your recruitment needs are in the right hands with Ethero’s Food Manufacturing Division.

Owen Robinson
Owen Robinson

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